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Compliance Packaging

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To reduce instances when you forget to take your meds or mix up your meds, Compliance Packaging may just be the right option for you.

You can ask our pharmacist at Bay RX Pharmacy what kind of special packaging for meds would most fit your prescription plan.

Compliance Packaging Options

  • Individual Packing (30-Day Card)
  • Pillow Pack for Multiple Medications
  • Bubble Pack (Single / Multiple Prescription)
  • Travel Packing / Vacation
  • Multiple Prescription Group Packing
  • Blister Packing
  • Prefilled Syringes (Injectable Medication)
  • Child-Proof Safety Caps
  • Weekly and Bi-Weekly Caddies
  • Clear Vials with Large Print

We hope you can stop by at Bay RX Pharmacy soon. We look forward to serving you.

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